Welcome to AvailabilityWizard
What is AvailabilityWizard?
AvailabilityWizard provides a low-cost availability page for your holiday accommodation, with easy to use online updating.
It takes only a few minutes to join and set up your availability page - and you start with a no-strings-attatched one month free trial subscription.
Add a link to the page from your own site - and keep your customers up to date with your latest prices and availability.
You can use AvailabilityWizard to display just price, just availability, or both price and availability. You can even change what is shown to suit your needs at a particular time of year.
What AvailabilityWizard is not...
We don't provide a booking service. Your customers contact you and pay you just as they did before - except now with greater confidence that the dates they request are available.
What does it cost?
Once your trial subscription expires you'll need to renew your subscription in order to update your availability information.
The cost of an annual subscription to AvailabilityWizard ranges from
US $14.95 (about UK £10) for a single holiday cottage to
US $29.95 (about UK £20) for a page displaying 9 holiday cottages.

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